Corey Anderson is experiencing a new chapter in his life after his unexpected retirement from UFC

Corey Anderson face Ryan Bader at Bellator 268 on Saturday in the light heavyweight world grand Prix semi-final after two fights and two powerful victories to start his Bellator career.

Corey Anderson, quit MMA‘s largest organisation with two fights left on his contract in August 2020, despite having headlined a UFC Fight Night 6 months prior.

‘The higher-ups in the UFC told me I don’t move the needle and I’m not exciting,’ Anderson, who known by the nickname ‘Overtime,’ said.

“I enjoy my time at Bellator. There’s no drama, and it’s extremely relaxing. The most important thing is that there is no politics. I go out there to do my work, and I expect to get compensated for it. “I understand that at Bellator.

“When I first met [Bellator’s president] Scott Coker he said, ‘If you do what you are supposed to do and you win, then you will move forward. Plain and simple.”

Anderson feels the lack of support from the UFC and certain fans is due to the nature of his lifestyle.

He explained, “I don’t post nonsense on Instagram.”

“I’m not out here pretending to be someone I’m not. From Rockford, Illinois, I’m a simple country dude. In my community, I grew up with 12 other individuals. I continue to live in the same manner.

“I drive used vehicles and I wear used clothes. I don’t spend money because I’m not like that – I’m not flashy and people don’t like that.
“When you’ve got the money they want to see this limelight, they want to see you act like a celebrity.

I despise it when people say things like, “Oh, you’re a celebrity and you’re famous.” I turn them off and tell them to “Stop, don’t say that.” I’m no different from you, which is why I’ve never had a legion of followers behind me. I’m still just an average person.

Looking ahead to Bellator 268, Anderson believes fellow American Bader, 38, will be unable to defeat him and says he has wanted to fight the heavyweight champion since joining Bellator.

“He’s powerful, he’s relatively well-rounded, and he’s got great hands,” Anderson said, “but I feel like his game has a lot of holes.”

“He was the light heavyweight champion when I joined Bellator. As a result, the champion is always on my mind. I’m not simply here to be a part of the organisation; I’m here to be the greatest. I aspire to be the champion.”

Anderson will qualify for the light heavyweight tournament final if he defeats Bader. At the top of the Bellator 268 event, reigning champion Vadim Nemkov of Russia defends his championship against American Julius Anglickas in the other semi-final.

Anderson believes that if he wins the Grand Prix, he will be able to move up to the heavyweight category, where Bader is the current champion.

“Sure, I’ll move up to heavyweight.” Why not if I defeat Ryan? I’d go up there even if he didn’t have the belt. I began my career as a heavyweight and am confident that I can compete with them.

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