Tokyo Olympics 2020 Opening Ceremony

It’s an Olympics like no other — and the Tokyo Games are surely that — but this is an event that has persevered through wars, boycotts and now a pandemic over its 125-year modern history.

The Tokyo Games were thrown open with a grand opening ceremony in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium on Friday night.

World No. 2 tennis player Naomi Osaka, who represents Japan, served as the final Olympic torchbearer for the Tokyo Olympic Games, lighting the Olympic flame during Friday night’s Opening Ceremony.

The Tokyo Olympics have already broken new ground because of the 12-month delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, pushing it into an odd-numbered year for the first time.

But with no fans permitted in Japan, it has the distinction of being the first Games without spectators. India had 19 of their athletes represent the country in the opening ceremony of the grand event on Friday.

India held its breath for a glimpse of Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh leading the country’s contingent out with the tricolour held high.

Naomi Osaka lights Olympic cauldron at Tokyo Opening Ceremony


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