There were no less than 47 table tennis matches today, including the debut of Hend Zaza (SYR), who lost to LIU Jia (AUT) 0-4 (4-11, 9-11, 3-11, 5-11) in the women’s singles preliminary round at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

Aged 12, Zaza is the youngest competitor at Tokyo 2020, and following her defeat she spoke about what she learned in her Olympic debut.

“The main lesson was the loss of this match, especially as it was the first match,” ZAZA said. “Next time, I will be working hard to pass the first, second, third rounds, because I want to be in this competition longer.” – Quote courtest of Olympic Information Services (OIS)

Her opponent LIU congratulated Zaza on even making it to the Games.

“There are people who have to endure difficulties. They are amazing, it hasn’t been easy for them. She’s a girl, too. To be in an Olympics at 12, in my heart I really admire her,” the 39-year-old told OIS, adding that her opponent had potential.

“I was thinking that if she was 14 or 16, I could really be in trouble.”

Hend Zaza the youngest competitor at Tokyo 2020


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