Olympic champion American shot putter Ryan Crouser threw 22.82 metres (74ft 10.5 inches) in the American Track League event on Sunday and broke the world record set by Randy Barnes of 22.66 metres.

American Ryan Crouser set a new world indoor shot put record by throwing 22.82 metres (74ft 10.5 inches) at the American Track League event in Fayetteville, Arkansas to kick off the World Athletics Indoor Tour 2021. Crouser broke the previous record set by Randy Barnes of 22.66 metres (74ft 4 inches).

Crouser, the 2016 Olympics shot put champion, broke Barnes’ record that had stood since January 1989. “It’s a pretty good start to 2021,” Crouser was quoted as saying by worldathletics.org. “It’s been a long road to get back to normal competition. I felt really nervous on the first throw, but I had a ton of energy. I feel like there’s more there.”

The world silver medallist, who already owns more 22-metre throws than any other shot putter in history, unleashed his record-breaking effort in the first round. It was so far, it only just about landed on the matting that had been laid out for the discipline. After a few nervous minutes, the officials were able to measure the throw – 22.82m – and they duly added extra mats to the far side of the throwing sector.

Crouser followed it with 21.03m in round two and then once again sent his shot out beyond the old world indoor record with his third-round effort of 22.70m. His throws in the fourth and fifth rounds landed at a similar distance but both were fouls..

Last year, Crouser was among the five finalists for the Male World Athlete of the Year 2020 for his undefeated run in 10 shot put competitions.

In other events, world 110-metre hurdles champion Grant Holloway sprinted in the heats of 60-metre hurdles clocking 7.38 seconds and then bettered it by winning with 7.35 seconds in the final.

“I always want to go faster,” Holloway, who consolidated his place at No.3 on the indoor all-time list, was quoted as saying by worldathletics.org. “But this is a good start to the season.”


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