Carlos Sainz finished second in both FP1 and FP2 in Monaco, Ferrari found themselves right at the pointy end of the standings.

However, Sainz’s former McLaren team mate Lando Norris was not overly surprised at the result.

“I was used to a different car here last time I was in Monaco, with a very different balance, and now I arrive here, and the balance with the Ferrari I’m trying to chase here in Monaco is quite different,” said Sainz.

“I think we need to wait until FP3, because things change a lot from Thursday to Saturday here.

“There are some drivers that stand back a bit on Thursday, just because they want to take it easy, and then suddenly on Saturday, like Lewis always does, he’s super quick.

“It’s encouraging for the team, and there’s some positive signs that the car in the corners is actually not that bad.”

“I had to re-adapt, get my references back, change a bit the driving style and build the confidence with that little by little.

“But what it was important is every time I went across the start/finish, I could see myself always in the top three positions, fighting there.”

Ferrari will hope that a strong performance in Monaco will help them close down the five-point gap to third-placed rivals McLaren in the constructors’ standings.

Ferrari are ‘very close to being a genuine threat’: Carlos Sainz


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