Jurgen Klopp, the boss of Liverpool, has said that he will not recruit unvaccinated players because they pose a “continuous threat” to others.

Klopp has been vocal in urging fans and players to be vaccinated, and earlier this week stated that all Liverpool players (and everyone working at the club’s Kirkby training base) had been double-jabbed and would receive a booster.

And Klopp has stated that he has no plans to bring unvaccinated individuals into the Liverpool squad in January.

“I believe that (getting vaccinated) will have an impact on which clubs sign,” added Klopp, whose mother died of COVID earlier this year.

If a player is not immunised, he poses a continuing risk to all of us.

“I think it (being vaccinated) will be influential, definitely, in which clubs sign,” said Klopp, whose mother died of COVID earlier this year.

If a player is not vaccinated at all, he is a constant threat to all of us.

He doesn’t want to be a threat. It’s not that he thinks, “I don’t care about the others.”

Klopp also emphasised the logistical issue of dealing with both vaccinated and unvaccinated players, citing the introduction of vaccine passports, mandated vaccination in many private venues, and ever-changing travel laws.

“From an organizational point of view, it gets really messy,” he added.

We’d have to look at different scenarios. He will need to change in a different dressing room, eat in a different dining room, board a different bus, and drive in a different car.If you really want to follow the protocols, it is incredibly difficult to do.

If we have to travel to a country to play international football and we come back, he has to get self-isolated, all these kinds of things. Of course, it is going to have an influence on the signing.

We have to do all these kinds of things, like building extra buildings for unvaccinated players, and it will not happen. Hopefully, it will not be necessary in the future. ”

Liverpool host League One club Shrewsbury in the FA Cup third round this week.

And Klopp was asked whether he had concerns about the match after it was revealed that 25 per cent of EFL players do not intend to get vaccinated.

“We go to FA Cup away games and change in really small dressing rooms,” he said. “That was the situation last year. It’s just not 100% thought through, “said the 54-year-old.

This time we play at home, so that’s fine, but we have to constantly think about other things besides football. We play an EFL team at home, but others play away, and I am not sure how that is sorted because it’s still out here.

“We have to sort out the general problem, and that’s why I mentioned it’s not only [about] stopping the league or continuing as usual; there are things in between that we have to sort out.”

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