Play was once again delayed on day five of England’s second Test against Pakistan, as the match continued to be blighted by the weather.

A huge deluge overnight meant the outfield was in no fit state to entertain an 11am start, but the umpires did schedule an inspection for that time to assess chances of getting under way.

Richard Kettleborough and Michael Gough had yet to complete their assessment when rain returned, with the officials dashing off the field as ground staff dragged on the covers.

Just 96.2 overs have been possible so far in the match, rendering any hope of a positive result effectively impossible.

England’s first innings is currently paused on seven for one after five overs, responding to 236 all out.

In keeping with the entire week in Southampton the pitch inspection was duly affected by rain, with the officials dashing from the field as the covers came out.

Another attempt was scheduled for 1200, should there be an improvement in conditions.


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