Tyson Fury defended his WBC heavyweight championship at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but only after twice rising from the mat before knocking out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round of a thrilling fight.

This was certainly the most exciting battle between the two, with five knockdowns in all, with Wilder being the first to go down after being placed on his back in the face of some devastating blows from his great adversary.  WBC

Wilder not only made it through the third round, but then turned the fight around in the fourth, decking Fury twice with his renowned right hand, and this time it was the Briton who held on to keep his unbeaten record.

However, the exertions appeared to take their toll on Wilder, and Fury recovered the upper hand at the intended midway point, levelling up the knockdowns in the tenth round before the bout was stopped by a flurry in the last round.

“It was a magnificent battle, worthy of the finest trilogies,” Fury remarked afterwards in the ring. I’m not going to make any excuses; Wilder is a great boxer who gave me a good battle. I usually maintain that I am the best fighter in the world and that he is a close second. Never, ever, ever mistrust me. I can always deliver when the chips are down.”

Few believed Wilder had a chance to avenge his championship loss 20 months earlier when he was left wounded and shattered after a vicious pounding by Fury, who was making his first defence of the title.

Many anticipated this to follow the same pattern as their second bout, which ended in a disputed draw, but Wilder’s better performance, along with his tenacity, made this an all-time classic.

Wilder (now 42-2-1, 41KOs) has used a United States arbitration to exercise his right to a third fight with Fury (31-0-1, 22KOs), thereby ending the Briton’s chances of a home clash with Anthony Joshua this summer.

This bout has been postponed several times, and Wilder kept fans waiting by coming from his dressing room in a more modest fashion than Fury, who was dressed very suitably in a gladiatorial outfit ahead of what was both combatants’ first excursion since their previous encounter in the ring.

The first defeat of Wilder’s professional career came in February of last year, and he blamed it on an extravagant ring walk outfit, among other things. He got off to a good start here, jabbing Fury’s meaty midsection with rapier left punches, but the champion closed the opening round with a punishing right hand, a portent of things to come.

Wilder seems to be on shaky ground and was only spared by the bell as Fury moved in for the finish. However, Fury slumping down after a sluggish reaction, the former champion reversed the tide with a straight right hand that has knocked out many of his past opponents.

As Wilder poured down the blows, Fury, who was 39 pounds heavier at Friday’s weigh-in, was put down again, marking the first time he had been knocked down twice in around.

Fury, on the other hand, absorbed everything thrown at him and came back strong in the fifth round, forcing Wilder to hold on with a double jab and right hand, the Alabaman appearing increasingly tired as the minutes passed.

As the rounds progressed, his blows didn’t appear to have the same impact as they had before. Fury’s stronger blows and increased work rate occurred in rounds six, seven, and eight, when he appeared to have fully recovered from his knockdowns.

Wilder was checked by the doctor before the ninth round, but he made his presence known with a big uppercut at the conclusion of the round, and he was on his knees in the tenth following another overhand right.

Wilder finished the round strong, but he appeared to be on his feet by the time the fight ended, with a flurry from Fury and the coup de grace of a devastating right hand sending Wilder face-first on the mat.

It was the ninth and final knockdown in their trilogy of fights and the most decisive as referee Russell Mora immediately signalled a halt to proceedings one minute and 10 seconds into the penultimate round.

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