By Ram Murali Krishnan


Hop, Step and Jump was first included in the Indian national championships in its second edition held at Kolkata in 1927. Gulam Murtaza from Punjab Province was the inaugural winner with a leap of 40’ 10-1/2” (12.45 metres).

Leslie Boosey was the first Indian to cross the magical 15m mark. He jumped 15.18m (49’ 9-3/4”) during Indo-Ceylon meet at Colombo in October 1940, that ranked him seventh in the World during that year. However, his ambition to take part in the Olympic Games eighty years ago was interrupted by the World War-II.

Henry Rebello achieved the first 50 ft jump as he covered 15.29m (50’ 2”) at Lucknow during 1948. Incidentally it placed him fifth in the World that year. Although he could manage to enter the finals of London Olympics later that year, luck eluded him too as he had a hamstring injury during his very first attempt and carried away from the field on stretcher.


The state of Punjab produced a battery of great triple jumpers in this country. Mohinder Singh Rana was triple jumped 15.62m to win the Asian Games title way back in 1958 at Tokyo. A mark that keeps him as one of the Top-100 performers for this event in India to date! Labh Singh dominated the scene in early 1960s before Mohinder Singh Gill took the baton from him. Gill won the 1970 Asian Games gold at Bangkok and a bronze medal in Commonwealth Games at Edinburgh.

Three years later he got the inaugural title in the Asian championships at Marikina in Philippines. He went on to win further laurels at the Asian and Commonwealth competitions before moving to the United States to pursue higher education, where he currently settled with his family. But what made him very popular was his phenomenal 16.79m jump during West Coast Relays at Fresno, USA, in 1971.

Kerala’s Renjith Maheswary becomes the first Indian to cross the 17 metres mark as he landed on the sand pit at 17.04m to win the Asian Grand Prix meet at Guwahati, that erased Gill’s 36-year-old national record from the books.

Later that year Renjith won the Asian championships gold at Amman with a wind-aided 17.19m. Arpinder Singh briefly took the national record from him in 2014 (17.17m) but Renjith made a surprise 17.30m, two years later, en route to his third straight Olympic appearance at Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


Mohammed Nizamuddin and Salahuddin registered a rare father-son combination to represent their country at the Asian championships. Nizamuddin took part in the New Delhi edition of the continental meet in 1989, where he finished seventh with a personal best 15.91m. 24 years later, Salahuddin did one better by finishing on sixth place at Pune-2013 with 15.71m.

Mohammed Nizamuddin and Salahuddin
Pic Credit: Facebook/Mohammed Nizamuddin and Salahuddin.

Two years later Salahuddin represented India at the World University Games. His mother Mujitha Begum was a notable long jumper (PB: 6.14m, 1989). She won a silver medal in 1989 edition of the South Asian Games at Islamabad, where husband Nizamuddin got a bronze in triple jump. Two years later Nizam grabbed a silver medal at Colombo edition of the Games.

INDIAN ALL-TIME TOP-100 LISTS (as of 31.12.2019)


MarkWindPlaceAthleteStateDate of BirthMeetVenueDate
17.30 NR1.81Renjith MaheswaryKER1986-01-30NGPBengaluru2016-07-11
17.1701Arpinder SinghPUN1992-12-30ISACLucknow2014-06-08
16.80.62Karthik UnnikrishnanKER1993-06-03ISACLucknow2019-08-28
16.790.91Mohinder Singh GillPUN1947-04-12WCRFresno, USA1971-05-08
16.790.33Mohammed Salahuddin S NTN1994-03-24ISACLucknow2019-08-28
16.7702Amarjeet SinghPUN1981-05-01AsiGPKorat, THA2008-06-26
16.67-0.21Abdulla Aboobacker NKER1996-01-17Int-SerPune2019-09-10
16.6302Rakesh Babu A VKER1990-03-20ISACGuwahati2018-06-29
16.590.6-Bibu MathewKER1981-03-30AsiChAmman, JOR2007-07-29
16.571.81Malkit SinghPUN1988-10-05ONACLucknow2016-09-30
16.51-0.41Praveen ChitravelTN2001-06-05FedCupPatiala2019-03-16
16.493Arivuselvam DeivendranTN1991-05-28FedCupPatiala2018-03-08
16.451Alex ThomasKER1979-04-16NatGGuwahati2007-02-15
16.43-0.44Eldhose PaulKER1996-11-07ISACLucknow2019-08-28
16.410.81Kamal Raj KTN1999-10-03NJCMangalagiri2017-11-20
16.38-0.32Mohd ZuberUP1996-03-02FedCupPatiala2019-03-16
16.361Jay Shah PradipMAH1997-10-11Int-UnivMoodbidri2018-11-26
16.2902Jayakumar SurendharTN1991-04-11ONACKolkata2015-09-19
16.23-1.81Sanjay Kumar RaiWB1979-05-01ONACChennai2001-10-21
16.222Saurabh SinghUP1986-07-06ONACKolkata2011-09-11
16.181Suresh Babu KKER1953-02-10ISACPalai1976-01-15
16.18-0.51Pritpal SinghPUN1981-09-06ISACBengaluru2002-06-03
16.171Satnam SinghDELISACThiruvananthapuram1992-03-27
16.161.33Bheesham SinghUP1991-01-11ISACHyderabad2016-06-29
16.162Rajasekar RTN1993-01-22TNSCTirunelveli2018-06-09
16.151Sreejith Mon KKER1989-10-16ONACChennai2017-09-28
16.143Balasubramaniam STN1954-02-15AsiGNew Delhi1982-11-30
16.14Vikrant MorHAR1995-09-25FedCupPatiala2017-06-04
16.1-0.13Vimal Mukesh TTN1996-03-25ONACRanchi2019-10-13
16.0603Navjot SinghPUN1989-09-15ONACBhubaneswar2018-09-28
16.05-0.24Sonu KumarRAJ1998-01-21ONACRanchi2019-10-13
16.041Labh SinghPUN1939-04-25TrialsNew Delhi1968-09-08
16.041Rajinder SinghBIH1963-08-15NatGThiruvananthapuram1987-12-26
16.041Premchand SinghBIHISACChennai1995-12-04
16.011Vinod B SKER1968ONACNew Delhi1996-01-24
15.981Vinod Raj PTN1987-03-21Int-RlyNew Delhi2006-09-07
15.982Deepan Kumar VelusamyTN1988-05-11Int-RlyChennai2011-02-09
15.981Sanal ScariaKER1997-05-16KerSCThiruvananthapuram2017-06-28
15.970.65Daniel Ranjith STN1993-08-02Int-SerPune2019-09-10
15.961Ravi Kumar M PBIH1953-05-05ISACKozhikode1982-01-31
15.961Robin M VergheseKERISACLucknow1999-09-12
15.951Gijo BabyKERInt-RlyNew Delhi1996-02-04
15.920.76Punit KumarUP1994-02-02Int-SerPune1999-09-10
15.911Yohannan T CKER1947-05-19ISACKottayam1972-02-03
15.917Mohamed Nizamuddin K STN1968-06-05AsiChNew Delhi1989-11-18
15.910.73Babu BaskarTN1987-04-14ONACKochi2010-05-15
15.871Sridharan MuraliKERInt-RlyNew Delhi1988-02-17
15.871Robert "Bobby" GeorgeKER1970-05-20ONACKolkata1996-12-13
15.860.13Bipin DevKER1989-05-30ISACBengaluru2011-06-12
15.842Krishna RaghunathanKER1946-09-01TrialsNew Delhi1968-09-07
15.841Shahu UnaisKER1992-07-11MG UnivKochi2015-12-10
15.83-0.22Ravinder SinghPUN1993-07-20Patna2013-03-14
15.831.11Shanmugan ManirajTN2000-04-23NJC-U18Mangalagiri2017-11-20
15.811Pazhani Pillai SKER1944-04-30MPSCJabalpur1967-10-28
15.792Kapil Anand PTN1995-12-31Int-UnivMangalagiri2017-12-16
15.79-0.32Anas NKER1999-04-27NJCMangalagiri2017-11-20
15.781.51Dheeraj Kumar MishraMAH1990-08-25SAJCColombo, SRI2007-11-30
15.783Kiruba GTN1998-01-28Int-UnivMoodbidri2018-11-26
15.774Anbu VTN1996-01-08Int-UnivMoodbidri2018-11-26
15.7602Sukhjinder SinghPUNPoliceLucknow2009-02-13
15.751Arshad MKAN1991-01-05KanSCBengaluru2012-07-10
15.751Ajith AKER2000-02-14KSJCThiruvananthapuram2018-10-14
15.74-0.61Bhupinder SinghPUN1984-10-24NGPNew Delhi2005-05-17
15.742Karthik Basagondappa IhollyKAN1995-07-05Int-UnivCoimbatore2017-01-15
15.746Sandesh KKAN1996-04-12Int-UnivMoodbidri2018-11-26
15.731Gurmeet SinghPUN1981-12-20FedCupBengaluru1999-08-09
15.735Abhishek RathoreBIH1987-11-17ONACJamshedpur2007-10-26
15.73-0.17Gurjoban SinghPUN1998-08-26ISACLucknow2019-08-28
15.722Subash GeorgeKER1961-11-04ISACKozhikode1982-01-31
15.723Birendra Singh(Ser)1989Int-SerHyderabad2013-08-14
15.721Akash M VargheseKER2001-08-13KSG-U19Kannur2019-11-19
15.72Arun A BKER1998-11-02KerSCKozhikode2019-06-16
15.691.93Saintison K CKER1976-02-24SAFGIslamabad, PAK2004-04-03
15.671Venkaiah D(Ser)ONACBhopal1999-10-29
15.664Sushant BangeraMAH1984-05-18NatGGuwahati2007-02-15
15.653Prateesh Joseph(Ser)Int-SerHyderabad2006-09-07
15.643Diego BraganzaGOAFedCupBengaluru2001-06-25
15.641Vinod P JKER1979-03-04Int-UnivTenhipalam2001-12-31
15.64-0.21Ranjit SinghPUN1993-10-05PoliceNew Delhi2018-12-10
15.631Pranav PKER1992-02-27IZJC-U18Panchkula2009-09-02
15.621Mohinder Singh RanaPUN1934-03-15AsiGTokyo, JPN1958-05-29
15.615Anil Kumar Singh(Ser)Int-SerHyderabad2013-08-14
15.61Sachin GosarMAH1978-05-29Mumbai2004-11-25
15.591Shyju VKERISACJamshedpur2003-09-07
15.5906Sumit ChoudharyRAJ1995-01-21FedCupNew Delhi2016-04-30
15.592Babychan AbinKER1995-09-08KerSCKochi2016-09-10
15.58-0.74Sanjay K Dwivedi(Ser)ONACNew Delhi2002-09-09
15.572Aravinth ETN2000-06-30TNSCTiruchirapalli2019-06-22
15.563Sundar CTN1997TNSCTiruchirapalli2019-06-22
15.552Jeevan Babu TTN1995TNSCChennai2017-06-25
15.5502Gailey Venister DAP2000-01-31JFCTiruvannamalai2019-09-26
15.542Ashish KumarKAN1990-06-02KanSCBengaluru2012-07-10
15.546Prahul P(Ser)1992-07-13Int-SerHindan2016-09-03
15.532Jitendra PandeyHARONACGandhi Nagar1997-12-10
15.532Anish P KrishnanKERInt-UnivGuntur2005-01-01
15.532Manoj Kumar(Pol)PoliceThiruvananthapuram2010-02-20
15.523George KuncheriaKAN1963-02-21NatGThiruvananthapuram1987-12-26
15.510.43Shailender Kumar SinghUP1982-04-05PoliceLucknow2009-02-13
15.52Shafeer TKER1994-07-12Int-UnivMoodbidri2015-01-20
15.56Rohit A MTN1997-05-20TNSCTirunelveli2018-06-09
Wind-aided marks:
16.645.22Bibu MathewKER1981-03-30AsiChAmman, JOR2007-07-29
16.393.11Bheesham SinghUP1991-01-11Int-SerHyderabad2015-07-20


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